Day 94, 63-31

Dr. Sunshine

4/5/20231 min read

I don't think the dogs are enough for this. I need the whole crew: emotional support chickens, cats, maybe even my daughter's fish. I'm reading up on mitochondrial health lately. Specifically, I'm reading about what mitochondria are supposed to do for us, and it's triggering flashbacks to med school. Actually, I I have learned this stuff on at least 3 different occasions through my academic career, promptly forgetting it after the exam. Most people learn that there is this thing that the mitochondria "do", called the Krebs Cycle (AKA tricarboxylic acid cycle, or TCA) and the purpose is to make ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which is the cell's source of energy to do what it needs to do. And that is true, ATP is generated and can act as a transportable energy source, but it's probably not enough to do everything our bodies need. What the Krebs Cycle is actually doing is to run a pump that creates an electrical gradient within the mitochondria, effectively turning it into a battery providing continuous electrical current! I am short on time, so will have to come back to this more later, but let that sink in for a bit. We are electric, running on a flow of electrons, just like a lightbulb, cell phone, etc. We need sources of electrons, and we get them from food, light, and the earth. The part I learned and forgot so many times is all the steps in glycolysis, the Krebs Cycle, and the ETC. Now, I feel like I am truly understanding the actual purpose of it all for the first time. And even this is just scratching the surface! Stay tuned....

One is not enough, I need the whole team for this!