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4-1 Clouds

Dr. Sunshine

1/6/20232 min read

As I write this in the afternoon there is a pretty high percentage of blue sky, but it was pretty gray this morning. Nevertheless, I was out there walking the dogs, absorbing what light there was. Apparently the sky was pretty clear before sunrise to, as Mrs. Sunshine informed me I missed a gorgeous "moonset" a little earlier this morning. Actually, she is a doctor too, but that will get confusing quick if I refer to her as Dr. Sunshine. I'm sure she'll come up with her own, much more clever name soon enough.

Well, we are 5 days in to this, and things are going pretty well I think. For starters, I'm still doing it! Also, I have been getting some positive feedback, which is always nice, even it it is from family. Now then, enough patting myself on the back. It is always important to take inventory and re-assess. So, first off, I know I can be better with the timing and getting my daily post out earlier. It is a little tricky this time of year as sunrise collides with the start of my workday, but that will get easier every day starting soon (oddly, sunset gets a little later every day immediately after the winter solstice, but sunrise takes a little while to start dialing back). But it only makes sense that a daily sunrise blog would publish close to sunrise. Maybe I will just claim my audience is in the Hawaii-Aleutian Time Zone and buy myself a little time.

I also think it's time to dive into some meatier topics. After all, that is the bigger purpose here. From the start, I figured trying to write a substantial piece every day would be a Sisyphean task. Heck, even diligently posting a few photos and a quick blurb every single day could get tough by around Day 30 if not sooner. So I didn't set a specific goal for myself other than to aim for a more intellectual post about every week. There is so much to discuss, I almost don't know where to start, so I guess I'll just start. In a few days (Ha!).

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for, today's sunrise:

Hmm, maybe I should turn this into a puppy blog.